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Benefits of Savasana (corpse pose) and how to do it?

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Savasana (corpse pose), in which sava means “corpse” and asana means “posture”.

It looks like the easiest pose in the whole yoga practice, but when doing its one the hardest pose. But the benefits of  Savasana are more than any other asana (posture). That’s why it is recommended that you should do savasana after every 30 minutes of yoga practice, if not, than once after finishing the yoga class or practice.

But what are the benefits of savasana and how to do it? To know see the infographic below.

benefits of savasana and how to do it?

What more benefits do you know? Let everyone know by commenting below.

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Yoga as a complementary health approach

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A great infographic by National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine on yoga.

Some of the great points to share and tweet on the infographic:

  1. Yoga is one of the top 10 complementary health approaches. »tweet«
  2. Yoga use increased from 5.1% to 6.1% between 2002 and 2007. »tweet«
  3. Back pain is the number one reason people use complementary health practices. »tweet«

Yoga as a complementary health approach

What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below!

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Why Yoga For Kids and how it can help them?

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Today, the children in this modern world, are living unhealthy and physically unfit life.

Everything has changed from food to their daily free time routine.

Instead of eating healthy and natural food, they are more dependent on fast foods than anything else.

And instead of playing with their friends in the open playground, they are busy in playing video games, chatting on Facebook, whats app, etc., during their free time.

Due to which kids suffer from diseases that are incurable or takes months to be cured.

But wait! there’s an easier solution for this problem. If children practice yoga daily for an hour and change their food habits, then there will be no disease that can ever happen to them.

But it’s only possible through the support of their parents/you.

Maybe you are thinking, why yoga for kids and how it can help? To know, have a look in the infographic below!

Some stats you should tweet -

  1. Obesity is among the easiest medical conditions to recognize but most difficult to treat. »tweet«
  2. Unhealthy weight gain […]
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What are potentially harmful yoga poses?

By Rohit Tiwari |Yoga|9 Comments|

Really? Do you think there are “yoga poses” that cause you any harm?

Yes? No?

Confused? Ok, then let me ask you – How yoga can cause you harm?

By breaking your bones or shooting you by a gun?

No!. It cannot.

Yoga has no physical body like you and me. Therefore, yoga cannot hit you by stick or shot you by gun.

It is just a form of exercise that you have to practice and get benefited from.

And while practicing or overdoing it, you yourself cause injury and thus say – yoga caused you harm.

But Wait!.

Yes! there are yoga poses that cause you harm.

But only when you-

  1. practice without any prior knowledge about them.
  2. practice them yourself without any guidance of an instructor when new to yoga
  3. are not enough flexible to do advance yoga poses.
  4. practice them at the time when they are not recommended (like doing forward bending poses while pregnency, doing head stand with neck injury, etc.)

So, what does it mean?
It means that yoga poses don’t cause you any harm. You yourself cause harm.

Asanas. Benefits. Precautions!

Each and every asana has its own benefits and precautions.

If […]

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Causes of Hearing Loss and the Methods to Reduce its Risk

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Are you one of them suffering from hearing loss? Yes. Then wanted to know what are the causes of hearing loss? If not, then wanted to know what precautions you should take? So that you, your children or any family member do not get caught by this in future.
Then… you are in luck! Because here’s an infographic by hiddenhearing.ie in which you will learn –

Excited? Wanted to know? Then Scroll….

Causes of Hearing Loss

And Of Course through the Practice of Yoga….

yogaYes, the risk of hearing loss can be reduced through the practice of yoga.

But How? You can reduce the chances of hearing loss through the practice of –

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Benefits of Jala Neti in Curing Diseases and How to Do It?

By Rohit Tiwari |Yoga|2 Comments|

Benefits of Jala Neti Jala Neti is one of the purification techniques of Shatkarma Yoga for cleansing the nasal passage by water (saline water).

Benefits of Jala Neti :-

Jala Neti  helps you to get cure from diseases like headaches, mental stress, etc. by removing the excess heat out of your brain.

It helps you to get better concentration and bacteria free nasal cavity. It is also very helpful in improving the eye vision.

Jala neti can save you lots of money from buying expensive medicines to cure diseases that you have. Still, if the medicines are unable to cure diseases, they will cause side effects, which will make your disease more serious and incurable.

But with Jala neti, if you do not get relief, then you will also not get any side effects too.

Medicines give you fast relief from the disease that you have, but not for much long and that disease affects you again. But with Jala Neti, it takes long time to cure (because it’s a natural treatment and also depends on how much long […]

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About Prānāyāma or The Meaning Of The Breath Nowadays!

By Rohit Tiwari |Yoga|2 Comments|

How many times of the day you are with consciousness with your breath, or are you always with your breath?

Just right now,… as you reading about it?

Many people recognizing the breath only when they angry (strong breath), afraid (stumble breath), excited (quick breath), sad (short breath),… , or when they are ill (blocked nose… and the day is longer than normally as in the night the nose is not open. Then all attention is on breathing. What a pity that the breath not has the importance in the daily life as food, time, money or nowadays the smart phones!

If it has it… sure you are in contact with your inner being.

Yoga or different kinds of meditation concentrating on the breath, bringing the practitioner peace of the mind, kindness, happiness, health, mind power and many more effects.

But how to make people more aware of that?

How nice is a breath with inhalation and exhalation with a full attention! You are fully in the moment, not in the past or future… just in the present moment!

Whatever difficulty or crisis you have, you can […]

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Rishikesh – The Best Place to Practice and Learn Spiritual Yoga!

By Rohit Tiwari |Rishikesh, Yoga|3 Comments|


Welcome to Rishikesh, a small beautiful city along the Ganges, settled in the primary waves of the Himalayas. It is one of the most famous places in India to study Yoga, Indian classical music and dance.

Rishikesh is full of nature, a place to calm down from the pressures of daily life and to get in touch with your inner voice and spirit. It’s the right place for body, mind and soul.

Rishikesh is an old spiritual city, famous and holy. It is the path to the four holy places up the upper Himalayas; Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath: which have to be welcomed first before entering the “heaven” in the Himalayas.

The holy Ganges spreads it’s beauty on this city, with the mountains known as the “seven Rishi’s” (Rishi = the one, who is seeing, having the knowledge). Many holy saints, swamis (ascetics, or yogi monks), sadhus (Hindu ascetics), yogis (practitioner of yoga), are settled in Rishikesh, or passes through on their way to the upper Himalayas, sharing their knowledge […]

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Yoga – An Art of Spiritual and Healthy Living!

By Rohit Tiwari |Yoga|6 Comments|

Yoga An Art of Spiritual and Healthy Living!

Yoga has been around for quite some time. Gripped just as by film stars, rock stars high controlled C.E.Os. and New Age masters, yoga’s anxiety calming, quality building, low sway postures engage an extensive variety of people and form shapes. Indeed tenderfoots can see and feel a distinction after only a couple of short weeks of practice. All contentions aside, yoga lives up to expectations. So why haven’t you attempted it? Here are seven better than average explanations why you might as well:

Manifestation Relief through Yoga!

Several deductive studies have demonstrated that yoga practice can extraordinarily diminish the recurrence and span of asthma strike, and additionally the measure of drug required to control or anticipate assaults. Yogic breathing, pranayama, serves to reinforce the lungs and assemble breath control while back-twisting postures open the midsection and assistance build wind stream.

Carpal tunnel syndrome could be eased with certain yoga postures. The extending and fortifying of the tendons offered in numerous yoga postures helps in mitigating the ache, […]

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