About Prānāyāma or The Meaning Of The Breath Nowadays!

How many times of the day you are with consciousness with your breath, or are you always with your breath?

Just right now,… as you reading about it?

Many people recognizing the breath only when they angry (strong breath), afraid (stumble breath), excited (quick breath), sad (short breath),… , or when they are ill (blocked nose… and the day is longer than normally as in the night the nose is not open. Then all attention is on breathing. What a pity that the breath not has the importance in the daily life as food, time, money or nowadays the smart phones!

If it has it… sure you are in contact with your inner being.

Yoga or different kinds of meditation concentrating on the breath, bringing the practitioner peace of the mind, kindness, happiness, health, mind power and many more effects.

But how to make people more aware of that?

How nice is a breath with inhalation and exhalation with a full attention! You are fully in the moment, not in the past or future… just in the present moment!

Whatever difficulty or crisis you have, you can go through it and come over it, but only through breathing. Taking maybe lot’s of your breath… wasting your life energy… as “prānā” means “life force, vital energy”.

“Prānāyāma” means “the extension of the life force, breath”.

Start watching your breath in your daily life and for learning some breath extension techniques it is good to join experienced teachers who share their knowledge how to clean through and extend breathing.

Take a bow to the practice and practitioner of Prānāyāma and then the “I” bows and goes…

Om Prānāyāma namaha.

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