4 yoga poses to calm your mind and relieve stress

yoga poses to calm your mind and relieve stress

Yoga has been used over several years for a variety of reasons. Recently, a study showed the essence of yoga in calming the mind and for its fitness benefits.

Other yoga advantages include improved flexibility and tension release from both bones and joints. Parts of yoga include both meditation and the practice of controlled breathing. Some of the yoga poses are simple and only involve breathing while sitting. Yoga beginners can quickly learn new yoga poses from professionals.

However, even simple postures are helpful. They have health benefits and help in reducing body stress. Stress can cause health issues and affect the productivity of individuals adversely.

For calming mind and relieve stress, you can use some of these poses.

Lotus Pose

The pose, which is simple, even for starters or beginners is common and is employed by those who like meditating. The pose helps in calming your mind as well as relieving stress. In the position, it is possible to open the mind such that you can have meditative thoughts. You can place one of the feet on the thighs. In the position, meditation becomes easy, and you can relax the mind as well as get relief from lower back pain. However, different people use various positions. There are correct postures as so long as it makes you feel comfortable enabling the coordination of meditative thoughts. It helps in the achievement of the peace of mind.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose is useful for the body and mind calming. Besides, it is more comfortable than most of the other poses. With the pose, it is easy to have complete mind relaxation. This way you get rid of stress and thus, manage depression. It is also effective in calming and relieving headaches. The pose begins with an individual sitting down (on the floor). The second step should be lifting the pelvis away and from the floor. You can use the hands in pushing your pelvis in the direction of the tailbone. It should be before trying to get back on the floor and in a resting position. You can then push the heels and stretch out the legs. While doing this, ensure you breathe in deeply and then softly. Then, you need to allow the relaxation of the torso. While doing this, the hands need to remain on the head. It will prevent you from lying on the spine. Finally, you can lay down the head and stay in the position for a while (5-10 minutes). Lifestyle fitness reviews rate the pose as simple and mind calming.

Standing Forward Bend

For individuals with flexible bodies, the pose is essential and easy. Also, it needs individuals who do not get tired of standing. To start, one has to stand with both the hips and the feet in a parallel position. Then it is vital to proceed by bending the hamstring by bending the hips. When doing this, the back needs to be kept straight. On the sides of the feet, you can rest the palms on the floor. However, this can only work for flexible people. It is vital that beginners do not overstrain the pose, but to remember to inhale in the position. Also, as you inhale, relax the body and the mind. Each breath is essential in getting rid of stress and any mild depression. This way, you can achieve peace of mind.

Gentle and Easy Positions

Finding some peace in the mind and relieving stress occurs as a result of breathing. Deep breathing is essential for the achievement of both waves of peace of mind and reduction in stress. Paired with movements, sitting and standing help in improving yoga relaxation effects. For beginners, relaxation and mind calming as well as stress relieving postures may be difficult. It is the case if people use complicated, hard and straining positions. Beginning with simplest postures is vital. Learning from a professional will assist in achieving flexibility. One can also use lessons from yoga TV shows and programs. It is also good to stream and watch videos to learn about simple and better mind relaxing and stress-relieving poses and movements. Stress and anxiety are thus easy for all to relieve with yoga.


In a nutshell, yoga is useful and vital in both stresses relieving, body and mind calming. The various poses can be used. Starting with what is simple is vital. It gives individuals the motivation to learn new and sophisticated poses. Doing the poses right will help you achieve stress relieving and mind calming effects.

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