Benefits of Jala Neti in Curing Diseases and How to Do It?

Benefits of Jala Neti

Jala Neti is one of the purification techniques of Shatkarma Yoga for cleansing the nasal passage by water (saline water).

Benefits of Jala Neti:-

Jala Neti helps you to get cure from diseases like headaches, mental stress, etc. by removing the excess heat out of your brain.

It helps you to get better concentration and bacteria-free nasal cavity. It is also very helpful in improving eye vision.

Jala neti can save you lots of money from buying expensive medicines to cure diseases that you have. Still, if the medicines are unable to cure diseases, they will cause side effects, which will make your disease more serious and incurable.

But with Jala neti, if you do not get relief, then you will also not get any side effects too.

Medicines give you fast relief from the disease that you have, but not for much longer and that disease affects you again. But with Jala Neti, it takes a long time to cure (because it’s a natural treatment and also depends on how much longer you have been caught by the disease), but once the disease is cured then it will never affect you again in your whole life (but you have to follow the same rules, as you were used to following while disease affected).

And if you do Jala Neti daily in the morning you will never be caught by the cold.

Jala Neti can also be practiced to cure diseases like asthma and sinus.

How? To know continue reading.

Jala neti for curing asthma:-

Yes, Jala Neti can help you to cure Asthma. How?

When you practice Jala neti, it removes all the mucus from your blocked nasal passages. Which helps you to breathe easily and carry more oxygen to your lungs, without any obstruction. If you continue to practice Jala neti once daily, then you will soon don’t have to remember to carry your inhaler with you. And enjoy your days as before.

Jala Neti for curing sinus:-

A person with a sinus infection often has nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions, fever, and cough (source: WebMD). For the treatment of sinus, you waste your lot of money on surgery.

But why? When you have a free natural treatment that can cure it. Jala neti can cure sinus. You just have to do an effort i.e. to practice Jala Neti daily. (I am not saying to stop your medication. You should follow your physicians advice as it may be serious and injurious to your health).

How to do Jala Neti:-

Ok, now you know the benefits of Jala Neti, but how to do it? Well, let’s go.


Before practicing Jala neti, it is necessary for you to prepare correct saline water. The water should be lukewarm or warmed as per your body temperature, nor cold nor hot. If you are new and the water is used when colder than your body temperature, then it will cause burn or pain in your nasal. But if you are practicing for a long time, then it should not.

And for the salt, it is recommended for you to put one teaspoon per 1/2 liter of water.

But why? What’s the use of the salt in Jala Neti?

You should put salt in water because salt helps to equal the osmotic pressure of the body and the water. That’s why when you do Jala neti without salt in the water you will feel irritation or burning in your nostrils.

But if you are advance or practicing Jala Neti from a very long time then you do not need to put salt in the water.

Some neti pots come with salt measuring spoon with them. If you have that then you are lucky and ready to go.

Practicing Jala Neti:-

  1. After the saline water is prepared, stand with some distance between your feet.
  2. Bend your spine in 60-degree angle and neck tilted to the right, as shown in the picture above.
  3. Now, put the spout of the Jala neti pot into your right nostril (upper nostril) and keep your mouth open so that the water passes easily through your right to the left nostril. If you tilt your head too much or try to breathe through your nose, then the water enters your throat instead of going to the left nostril. But it will not cause you any harm.
  4. Now repeat the same process with the neck tilted to the left side.

Drying the nostril to not be caught by cold:-

After the Jala Neti is done, it is very necessary to dry your nostrils, as there are chances to be caught by the cold.

Why? Because after doing Jala neti there is still some water left inside your nostrils.

To dry your nostrils, stand in the same position as while doing Jala neti. Now blow the air out with force through your nose (mouth closed) like you in Kapalabhati Pranayama. And after that, it is recommended to do Shashankasana (child pose). Because it will help you to take out water completely out from your nostrils (if still there’s some water left in your nostrils).


If there’s something that benefits you, then it can also cause you harm, if not practiced properly. It can also cause you harm if you are suffering from something when it is not recommended. In Jala neti also, it provides you with benefits that you have never thought of, but it should not be practiced when it’s not recommended. The Jala Neti should not be practiced when –
1. suffering from chronic bleeding of the nose,
2. any type of nose infection,
3. if hurt or cut inside the nose.

Afraid of Jala Neti?

I have seen some people who are afraid to do Jala neti. Why? Because they think that the water will go inside their brain through their nostrils. Due to this they never practice Jala Neti and always remain unaware of the benefits of Jala neti.
Are you one of them? If you are (I don’t think), then don’t be afraid because there is no passage or path for water to enter your brain through nostrils.
And I think that you’re now not afraid to do Jala Neti (if you were). πŸ™‚

What other benefits of Jala Neti have you experienced? Please share your experience and let everyone know by commenting below.

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98 thoughts on “Benefits of Jala Neti in Curing Diseases and How to Do It?”

  1. i have been doing jal neti for over two weeks after i got first sinus attack after my surgery. I was scared badly. But since then i started using neti kriya and the benefits i have got cannot be expressed in words. I used to have pressure in my sinuses even after the surgery but now it has all gone. It is a effective way to cure the symptoms . Thanks yoga. Jai Hanuman ji.

  2. Dear Rohit,

    I’ve been suffering from Sinusitis and DNS from last 8 years. I got it operated 7 years back but still the problem is there off and on.

    I’m tried of taking tablets and sprays.

    Can you or Ashish Bajaj share your experience? Should it be 3 times a day or everyday once is beneficial?

    Please reply.


    • Namaste Avadhut,
      Practicing Jala Neti 3 times a day would help you recover from Sinusitis and DNS much more faster. But if you don’t have that much time, doing once in the morning or twice in the morning and evening (before sleeping) will also help.
      Hope this helps.
      Looking forward to hear more from you soon. πŸ™‚

  3. I have been doing jala neti, but every time I do it seems water gets up into my head and I have yo leave the kriya. however the pain subsides once I do kapalbhati. what am I doing wrong?

    • Namaste Netra,
      The first thing is that the water never gets into the head because there is no passage for it to.
      And having pain in your nasal passage when doing jala neti can have the following reason –
      1. Doing Jala Neti with cold water.
      2. Not putting enough salt in the water.
      3. Doing jala neti with hot water (more hot than your body temperature).

      To not get pain in your nasal passage during jala neti, it is necessary for you to prepare correct saline water. The steps for it are given above under the “Preparation” section of the article.

      Hope this helps. Looking forward to hear more from you soon.

  4. Dear Rohit Ji,
    Jal neti is very good and i feel relief in my eyes also in the morning,
    But rohit ji i am fearing always about the step of dry the nose
    i always think that if water is left in the nose, or nose does not dry properly then is there any problem.
    and i am doing jal neti from last 3 days and cought cold.
    i do proper exercise to dry the nose, like ashana and all you describe in your instructions

  5. Hi sir
    I had a operation of DNS one and half years back. Now suffering from sinusitis and have heavy head all the time. Doing jal neti since 2 months(once a day) but there is hardly any difference. Could you please advise that how long should I practice jal neti to experience improvement and how long for complete cure, if possible?

    • If you are not drying your nose correctly you will continue to have headache and all other problems so please look for instructions to dry your nose after jala neti

  6. Hiii…Rohit jii
    M suffering from sinus and eosinophil elergy in my nose its itching badly with water is continue flowing from my eyes and nose…
    What I need to do to get rid off this problem….
    I already take all type of medicines and precautions but m still suffering badly….plz help me

  7. Dear Rohit thank you very much for the information. Today is my first day and I m feeling best. God bless you.
    And I have day how many times can we do jal neti?? And any rules? Like empty stomach etc.

    • Namaste Sandip,
      Nice to hear that you got benefited by practicing Jala Neti.

      You can practice Jala Neti twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening.

      Do not practice Jala Neti only when –
      1. suffering from chronic bleeding of the nose,
      2. any type of nose infection,
      3. if hurt or cut inside the nose.

      Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  8. Hello sir I appreciate you for your stand for humanity I am architect and I want a Better memory is this helps in this

  9. Hello sir I recently started using neti I do kapalbhati also after that. But after few minutes when I bend down water comes out of my nose. Why does this happen and there’s a heaviness in my eyes too. Pls help

    • Namaste Santhoshi,
      After doing jala neti, you should do the child pose (balasana) first for atleast 5 minutes and then the kapalbhati. After these exercises, water should be completely out. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Rohit,

    It’s a great and informative article. I have started doing neti just a week back and I am feeling amazing. Hope I will never get affected by cold πŸ™‚ [As you specified above]. Just wanted to ask one thing, I do neti in different way. I take a glass of water as you specified above and take in via both nasals and take that water out via mouth. Is it a good practice as it was taught by one of mine yoga teachers.

    When I take water via nose at first I find some irritation in my head but as I keep on doing, it slowly fades. Is that normal?

    Awaiting for your reply.


  11. Hi I am suffering from sinus.all the time I feel pressure on my head and eyes and I feel jalneti beneficial for it and how long Will it ake to cure sinus and pressure

  12. Hi Rohit ji how long it take to clear sinus with jala neti.Im suffering for more then 3 weeks im only hope natural therapy
    Please be advice.

    • Hi Ganesh,
      The time to cure sinus will depend on how long you have been suffering from it and how much. Just don’t stop practicing jala neti and do it on regular basis.

      • My right eyesight is weak so i am wearing spectacles
        Is there any way I can get rid of spectacles?
        Please answer as soon as possible
        Thank you

  13. Hello Rohit

    I do have sinusitis issue, I started Jalneti from last 2 weeks.

    Whenever I do Jalneti, after the completion I get continuous sneezing and later lot of Mucus(Kaf) will go and nose will be blocked.
    Is that normal? and this happens for removing the Kaf from nose and head?

    Please advice..

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Yes, this happens when you have lot of mucus stored in your nose. Just keep practicing jala neti daily. And soon you nose will be mucus free. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps.

  14. Hi Rohit… Thanks for your reply… Continuing the above discussion…

    I do have a inflammation in the nose due to the sinusitis. will Jalneti heps to cure the inflammation? or surgery is suggested?
    Please advice…

  15. Thank you for the information, However i had one question does Jala neti help in curing Bronchitis as
    when ever i get cold i also get cough and its very bad. More also want to know does it cure from cold diseases also

  16. Hello Rohit Ji

    I tried jal neti from 2 days. I can feel the water goes in ears
    I hope it is not going to harm my ears ?


    • Namaste Karan,

      I have never heard of any case of water going to ears and causing a problem while doing jala neti. So, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you are doing jala neti the right way.

      Hope this helps.


  17. hai rohith,
    sometimes i get pain from my lungs and heart..Beacuse of smoking the ciggarretes. if i do jal nethi. will the pain which is there in my lungs will go or not,it’s my doubt
    please can u give clarity.

    • Namaste Krishna,

      If you want to your pain to go away, then first you will have to quit smoking because no practice or medicine will help unless you quit it. Chest pain is a breathing problem. So, doing jala neti along with pranayama will help you more and you should see the results in 1 month. But for this, you will have to practice pranayama and jala neti daily twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

      Hope this helps.


  18. Hello sir,

    Can you please tell me that in jal neti and sutra neti which one is more beneficial? And when we need to do pranayam before neti or after neti.. plz suggest.

    • Namaste Sushil,

      Both the practices are very beneficial. But if you want to practice any of them, then go with jala neti because it is necessary to do jala neti before and after practicing sutra neti. Therefore, if you want to practice sutra neti, you will have to do jala neti or you can just practice jala neti.
      If you have any other questions, please let me know.
      Hope this helps.


  19. How many times a day, one does Jal neti during the cold/cough period? Can it be done before going to sleep in addition to morning?

  20. Rohitji,

    Presently I am suffering from sneezing, running nose & irritation in the nose.
    Is Jalneti advised during this stage?
    Also will Jalneti help in curing this. I suffer from this periodically(once in 4 months), How long do I need to continue practicing Jalneti?

  21. Hi, i am trying Jal net since four days but after jal neti i am facing headache (Pain in left side), whole day before jalneti i don;t have any problem. so please suggest what to do
    i am doing jal neti in the mornig just after wake up.
    I am using luke warm water with two pinch of salt

  22. if we are doing once in a day in morning should i do it once through each side of the nose? secondly is table salt(used for cooking) ok? thirdly luke warm means any specific temperature or not cold is enough…last i use ayurvedic Nasal drops(Anu tailam) in the evening so is that fine, i heard somewhere you cant do Anu tailam and Jal neti togther

    • Namaste Sajeesh,

      You have to do jala neti through both sides. There will be no benefit in doing just from one side. Lukewarm means the temperature around 25ΒΊC or the temperature of your body.

  23. Kiran June 17, 2016 at 9:44 am – Reply
    Hi Rohit,
    It’s a great and informative article. I have started doing neti just a week back and I am feeling amazing. Hope I will never get affected by cold πŸ™‚ [As you specified above]. Just wanted to ask one thing, I do neti in different way. I take a glass of water as you specified above and take in via both nasals and take that water out via mouth. Is it a good practice as it was taught by one of mine yoga teachers.
    When I take water via nose at first I find some irritation in my head but as I keep on doing, it slowly fades. Is that normal?

    • Namaste Amar,

      That’s the different practice (one of the practices of Shatkarma). It is recommended that you do jala neti (as specified in the article) before and after the practice that you do as told by your teacher.

      Irritation is normal in beginning. Maybe after a month or two, you will not feel the irritation at all.

      Hope this helps and hope to hear from you soon.

  24. hello rohit
    i am practicing jal neti since last two months.after some time of jalneti process my nose get blocked again or runny nose. what to do plz ans. i want to cure this sinus only by natural ways for more tips i have already click on follow button

    • Namaste Shweta,

      This can be due to not drying your nose properly after doing jala neti. To dry your nostrils, do some gentle blows and then do the child pose for at least 5 minutes.

      Hope this helps.

  25. Hi rohit ji, the pain in the head region is due to bending to much. I used to have the same problem, but realised this after seeing the pic in your post.

  26. Hi Rohit. I am having sinusitis and allergic rhinitis since about 16 years now. Recently after moving to south India the rhinitis problem has disappeared but the sinus problem has grown. I have polyps now. I have been doing JAL neti since 2 months now (once every morning) but there is hardly any improvement in my sinus condition. I still get heaviness and difficulty in breathing with my right nose. How long before I feel some improvement?

  27. Hello Rohit,
    I started doing Jal Neeti for the first time. But the water came back from the same nostril instead of going through the other one.
    What can i be doing wrong?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

  28. Dear Rohit
    Somebody has told me not do JAL neti on daily basis,as it can remove lubrication and further dry my mind. Is it so…..also I think it is best natural way to activate suppressed pineal and pituitary Gland……. Can I do it on daily basis
    Amit Garg

  29. hi am laxman am suffering from sinus problems.I have tried different medicines and it work only it is taken and again the condition becomes same what should I do .please please help me . I want to cure this problem.

  30. Hi Sir,
    I am suffering from sinus since I was a kid, and i have been practicing jal neti for last 1 week now. However, Everytime I start the practice from one nostril, the other one gets completely blocked and I am unable to pass the water through the other nostril then. On most days I have no option but to discontinue the practice. Is there something I am doing wrong. How can I correct my mistake.

  31. Hello Rohit sir,

    I am suffering from sinus since last 8 years. I am practicing jal Neti from last 2 months(once in a day). Now I feel some relief in my problem.but when the sinus was started same time gastric problems was also started. Is any relation between these problem. Pls reply I am confuse in these two problem.

  32. Hello sir,
    I have maxillary sinus blockage (CTSCAN report), and i am suffering from 1.5 year.
    So, jal neti is relieve this problem ?
    I can try last 5 day, but i have hardness in my brain and nose.
    whene i go for whater in my nose, i have pain my bak head and eye also.
    What can I do ?

  33. Hii.sir …i am doing this since 13 years ….and its my personal experience it is good and beneficial….everyone should practice jalneti.. And should be under supervision of experts…

  34. Hi Rohit,
    I am having polyps in both nostrils from last four years and I have started to do jal neti from today. How much it should take to cure it? Also while doing it from right to left … Water came from my mouth instead of left nostril. Left nostril has 2-3 polyps and its almost block because of it. Can you please suggest something for it.

  35. hi sir, i have -2.75 and -3.0 eye minus, i m tired of wearing spectales, can it helps me to reduce my eye minus completely, i am doing it form last
    10 days, i want to remove my spectales at any cost

  36. Hi Rohit
    My father, 70 years, had a bypass surgery 4 months back. This aggrevated his old sinus problem and now due to polyps he is not able to breathe at all. Doctor has recommmed an endoscopic surgery for sinus/polyps.
    Question: shall I suggest him to start practising jal neti if it is safe for someone who had bypass 4 months back?

  37. I have dry nose with no nasal discharge just dry nose and have headaches can I do jalaneti without dying because I am worries of desieses like PAM

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for this post, but can you please explain that will it work in the problem of increased tonsils, I have a dry coughing problem from last 1.5 years will it helpful for me.
    And one thing about mixing salt in water, as per your post we have to mix 1 spoon of water in 1/2 liter, is it ok??

  39. Hello sir I have nasal polyps and congestion in my ear “glue ear” I can’t pop them . I m doing jalneti from 2 days and my ear feels more clogged. Is that anything wrong in my process?

  40. I have polyps in both of my nostrils from last 3 year and practising Jalneti from last one month. I have relief but can you guide me only Jalneti will help to cure it or sutarneti will also be performed to get rid of these polyps? Should we apply some oil or ghee after performing this jal neti in nostrils?

  41. Hello Mr. Rohit
    I am Batul, My mom had nasal fracture 4 years back and eye surgery for squint and cataract 2years back but it got fail… After that she always complains for pain around nasal area. So my question is that jala neti is beneficial or not for her?
    Please reply.

  42. Hello,
    I have recently started Jal Neti kriya with a spouted vessel (Earlier I was using small salted water tubes to clean the nostrils). It has helped me in overcoming the Dust and Pollen allergy that led to polyps and aggravated sinus. Earlier Doctor recommended to use anti allergic medicines daily which only made me depressed (thinking this is going to be a life long problem for me). However this yogic kriya has brought confidence in me that healthy living is possible by naturally overcoming this irritating problem related to my immunity. It has also helped in my sleep which is more deep and refreshing. I do this activity twice a day and try to make my kid also follow the routine. I am sure the continuous use of this kriya will help me in wading through more polluted situations like during Diwali and spring season. I will keep you posted with my experience.

  43. Hi Mr Rohit,

    My mother is suffering from migraine from past 15 years, she takes medicines whenever she has migraine attack and it cures, but temporarily. After 15 to 20 days of relief it again attacks, this cycle is continuing from many years.

    Do you suggest practice of jalneti in this case, if yes then how many times and where do i get neti pot from?

  44. Sir , I have been advised for surgery due to nasal polyps blockage…can jal neti will help in i t that I should not go for surgery…


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