7 Ways To Prevent Wrist Pain During Yoga

There are endless benefits of yoga including calming the mind, increasing flexibility and strength, and improving energy levels, just to name a few.

But one of the most common complaints during yoga is wrist pain. This pain is due to the weight that is put on them during certain poses.

Some poses that put a lot of force on the wrist and are seen commonly to create wrist pain are poses like the crow, handstand, high plank, or even the downward dog.

If you want you to practice yoga while keeping the wrist pain away, follow these simple tips and exercises.

7 Ways To Prevent Wrist Pain During Yoga

#1. Warm Up Your Wrists

Warming up the wrists before yoga is also a good practice to get them loose and ready to go. Simple wrist circles or wrist flicks are a good choice. Additionally, if your forearm is too tight, it can cause strain in your wrist. Massaging the forearm to open up the muscles is also a good idea.

#2. Participate in Strengthening Training Exercises

Strengthening the wrist will allow them to be able to withstand these poses for longer periods of time without pain and discomfort.

A few examples of wrist strengthening exercises would be wrist curls, towel wringing, or grip strengthening with a ball.

#3. Modify Pose if Needed

If your wrists start to hurt, don’t be afraid to modify poses as need be. Some poses can be done using the fists or placing your forearms on the mat in order to protect the wrists.

You will still get many benefits out of doing modified yoga than not trying at all.

#4. Keep Your Body Properly Aligned

Make sure your body is properly aligned by centering your wrist with the outside of your shoulder.

You also need to make sure that your weight is distributed evenly throughout your body. It helps to use your core to lift your body weight up instead of pressing all the weight on your hands and wrists.

#5. Spread Your Fingers

Not only should you have your weight distributed evenly throughout your body, but your hands as well. Spreading your fingers out wide can help to distribute your weight evenly throughout the hands and wrist.

Along with spreading your fingers, press your fingertips like you are grabbing the ground. Make sure to straighten your thumb and put the weight on the inside of your hand.

Have a nice and wide grip onto the mat, using the pad of your fingers and the pad between your pointer finger and thumb. You do not want to jam the heel of your hand into the mat.

#6. Use a Brace or Wedge

There are many yoga products out there that you can utilize to help with your wrist pain. Using a foam wedge helps to take pressure off the wrist joints and improve support. Another option would be to wear a yoga wrist support brace. Wearing a brace can help to stabilize and protect your wrist from serious injury.

#7. Rest When Needed

If your wrist hurt a lot or you have a severe injury, take off a few days to rest. It is important to listen to your body because it will only make it worse if you use force on them.

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