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Benefits of Jala Neti Jala Neti is one of the purification techniques of Shatkarma Yoga for cleansing the nasal passage by water (saline water).

Benefits of Jala Neti :-

Jala Neti  helps you to get cure from diseases like headaches, mental stress, etc. by removing the excess heat out of your brain.

It helps you to get better concentration and bacteria free nasal cavity. It is also very helpful in improving the eye vision.

Jala neti can save you lots of money from buying expensive medicines to cure diseases that you have. Still, if the medicines are unable to cure diseases, they will cause side effects, which will make your disease more serious and incurable.

But with Jala neti, if you do not get relief, then you will also not get any side effects too.

Medicines give you fast relief from the disease that you have, but not for much long and that disease affects you again. But with Jala Neti, it takes long time to cure (because it’s a natural treatment and also depends on how much long you have been caught by the disease), but once the disease is cured then it will never affect you again in your whole life (but you have to follow the same rules, as you were used to follow while disease affected).

And if you do Jala Neti daily in the morning you will never be caught by cold.

Jala Neti can also be practiced to cure diseases like asthma and sinus.

How? To know continue reading.

Jala neti for curing asthma :-

Yes, Jala Neti can help you to cure Asthma. How?

When you practice jala neti, it removes all the mucus from your blocked nasal passages. Which helps you to breath easily and carry more oxygen to your lungs, without any obstruction. If you continue to practice jala neti once daily, then you will soon don’t have to remember to carry your inhaler with you. And enjoy your days as before.

Jala Neti for curing sinus :-

A person with a sinus infection often has nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions, fever, and cough (source: WebMD). For the treatment of sinus, you waste your lot money on surgery to cure sinus.

But why? If you have almost free practice that can cure sinus. Jala neti can cure sinus. You just have to do a effort, is to practice Jala Neti daily. (I am not saying to stop your medication. You should follow your physicians advice as it may be serious and injurious to your health).

How to do Jala Neti :-

Ok, now you know the benefits of Jala Neti, but how to do it? Then let’s go.

Preparation :-

Before practicing jala neti, it is necessary for you to prepare correct saline water. The water should be lukewarm or warmed as per your body temperature, nor cold nor hot. If you are new and the water is used when colder than your body temperature, then it will cause burn or pain in your nasal. But if you are practicing from long time, then it should not.

And for the salt, it is recommended for you to put one teaspoon per 1/2 litre of water.

But why? What’s the use of the salt in Jala Neti?

You should put salt in water because salt helps to equal the osmotic pressure of body and the water. That’s why when you do jala neti without salt in water you will feel irritation or burning in your nostrils.

But if you are advance or practicing Jala Neti from very long time then you does not need to put salt in the water.

Some neti pots come with salt measuring spoon with them. If you have that than you are lucky and ready to go.

Practicing Jala Neti :-

  1. After the saline water is prepared, stand with some distance between your feet.
  2. Bend your spine in 60 degree angle and neck tilted to right, as shown in the picture above.
  3. Now, put the spout of the jala neti pot into your right nostril (upper nostril) and keep your mouth open so that the water passes easily through your right to left nostril. If you tilt your head too much or try to breath through your nose, then the water enters your throat instead of going to the left nostril. But it will not cause you any harm.
  4. Now repeat the same process with the neck tilted to left side.

Drying the nostril to not be caught by cold :-

After the Jala Neti is done, it is very necessary to dry your nostrils, as there are chances to be caught by cold.

Why? Because after doing Jala neti there is still some water left inside your nostrils.

To dry your nostrils, stand in the same position as while doing jala neti. Now blow the air out with force through your nose (mouth closed) like you in Kapalabhati Pranayama . And after that it is recommended to do shashankasana (child pose). Because it will help you to take out water completely out from your nostrils (if still there’s some water left in your nostrils).

Precautions :-

If there’s something that benefits you, then it can also cause you harm, if not practiced properly. It can also cause you harm if you are suffering from something when it is not recommended. In Jala neti also it provides you with benefits that you have never thinked of, but it should not be practiced when it’s not recommended. The Jala Neti should not be practiced when –
1. suffering from chronic bleeding of the nose,
2. any type of nose infection,
3. if hurt or cut inside the nose.

Afraid of Jala Neti?

I have seen some people who are afraid to do jala neti. Why? Because they think that the water will go inside their brain through their nostrils. Due to this they never practice Jala Neti and always remain unaware of benefits of jala neti.
Are you one of them? If you are (I don’t think), then don’t be afraid because there is no passage or path for water to enter to your brain through nostrils.
And I think that you’re now not afraid to do Jala Neti (if you were). 🙂

What else benefits of Jala Neti you have experienced? Please share your experience and let everyone know by commenting below.

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