Causes of Hearing Loss and the Methods to Reduce its Risk

Are you one of them suffering from hearing loss? Yes. Then wanted to know what are the causes of hearing loss? If not, then wanted to know what precautions you should take? So that you, your children or any family member do not get caught by this in future.
Then… you are in luck! Because here’s an infographic by in which you will learn –

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Causes of Hearing Loss

And Of Course through the Practice of Yoga….

yogaYes, the risk of hearing loss can be reduced through the practice of yoga.

But How? You can reduce the chances of hearing loss through the practice of –

  • Pranayama ( breathing technique) and meditation, sitting in a quite and calm  place/room.
  • by practicing Jala Neti (cleansing with water)  you can  reduce the chances of hearing loss.
  • and through the practice of yoga asanas. Yoga Asanas help you to improve proper blood circulation to you ears, stretching and relaxing.

If you do, stop consuming medicines but never the practice of yoga! because there’s nothing that yoga can not help you to cure.

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